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The rules. Read and love:

1. This is a Numb3rs icon community. Multifandom posts are fine but please try not to have just one Numb3rs icon amidst 75 icons from other fandoms.
2. Use the LJ-cut if you have more than 5 static icons or 3 animated icons. To create a cut tag, type: [lj-cut text="text for your link"], replacing [] with <>.
3. Some show discussion is okay but try to keep your posts mostly limited to icons. You can find good show discussion at numb3rs_tv and my_numb3r. You can find fic at numb3rs_fic and numb3rs_slash. You can also get lots of notices from numb3rs_notice if you don't get your quota of N3 per day.
4. The community is for sharing icons, icon requests and assistance in finding screencaps, brushes, fonts, etc. If it's in any way related to Numb3rs iconage, it's okay.
5. Posting one advertisement of a Numb3rs-related community or website is okay. Posting more than once or posting an ad for something having no relation to Numb3rs will be deleted.

Rules for taking icons:

1. Share. You'll be sharing any icons you take, unless otherwise stated by the poster.
2. Be considerate. Criticism is fine. Everyone makes typos on icons and appreciate people who point out such mistakes, but don't be rude about it.
3. Credit. Unless otherwise stated by the poster, credit them for icons. People spend a lot of time on their icons and appreciate credit.

Note: I stopped adding entries to the Memories in September 2005. All entries up until then can be found in the Memories but no more will be added.

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